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My beloved watch from Paul & Joe.

Thank you Shannon xx


Junk Jewels is the creation of independent, London based jewellery creator, Zoe Jones. Its like a virtual treasure trove of pretty pendants and whimsical wristwear. Their vintage inspired necklaces and bracelets are truly irresistible. With an option of chain lengths and a plethora of beautifully romantic trinkets, there is no doubt you will find a necklace that you’ll never want to take off. And even better, it’s all handmade!

You can feel your eyes literally lighting up even at just the first glance of their collection of new arrivals. Quirky, vintage, interesting - definitely an essential in any wardrobe, whether you’re rocking the vintage look or not.

A working Swan harmonica on a chain - how can you resist?

And how cute is this little wishbone chain? (matching bracelet available too! what are you waiting for?!)

I promise you, as soon as you see one item and fall in love with it, you won’t be able to stop until you own the whole collection. A large proportion of my slightly embarassingly extensive necklace collection are items from JJ, I just couldn’t help myself.

To see (and no doubt buy) the jewels for yourself, visit the website or get yourself down to Portobello Market, London where you can literally watch them make you your very own Junk Jewel right before your eyes.

(A practice blog post for applying for a blogger role for a new company called ShiftingClothes. I liked it so much I thought I’d blog it here too.)



Whilst I was walking around Libertys in London in a dreamy haze, imagining what it would be like if the prize of a Mulberry handbag was just small change to me, or if I could afford to use Liberty of London scarves as teatowels, I came across a pretty amazing sunglasses brand. 


Super, by RetroSuperFuture are a range of acetate sunglasses, handmade in Italy, and they’re available in a rainbow of colour options. Their celebrity following has given them major kool-kudos, with the likes of Kanye West, Daft Punk and Simian Mobile Disco all sporting a pair of Supers.

I guess you could compare them to other sunglasses giant, Rayban but once everyone has something, and lets face it, everyone has a pair of Rayban Wayfarers, it’s always good to find the new, next big thing. I definitely need to get myself a pair. These are probably one of my favourites:

or these badboys. Don’t be fooled by the clear lense, they still offer 100% UV Protection and I kinda like the Grandad aesthetic. 

They’ve also teamed up with Liberty to make an exclusive collection, using their Lucia model with some rather pretty floral prints. Spring is coming, I can feel it in my bones. I can just see myself in some high waisted denim shorts, a plain vest and these beautiful shades, relaxing in the sunshine. 

But with prices ranging from £120-£130, I’ll need to racking up a fair few hours at the call centre to get myself a pair.

A sneak preview of our new collection due to launch March 2011

So it was my sister’s birthday on Monday and I bought her some Wah nail’s nail art pens by Model’s Own. I had my nails ‘did’ in Leopard print at the Wah salon in Topshop last year and have been desperate to pay another visit ever since!

So when my sister and I heard about the release of their nail art pens we were both super excited! I bought two pens in black and white from the Model’s own website at a bargainous £6.00 each (compared to a £35.00 manicure in the salon) and here are the results…

Even Leila got involved…

Not bad for our first try! More pictures to come of our home-made Wah nails.

Free People

I recently discovered American brand Free People on Twitter, I had heard of the them before but never visited any of their stores or website. After recognizing the name, I immediately logged on and clicked on their shoe section (me being obsessed with shoes and all!) to discover these beauties…

Prices aren’t cheap but are what you would expect to pay for any good shoe on the high street and they even ship to the UK! Totally worth it for a unique, quirky shoe from Free People.

Gorgeous affordable vintage clothing from Make Lemonade…


Shoes from Opening Ceremony. You don’t even want to know how much these cost.

New enamelled hearts at Junk Jewels, just in time for VALENTINE’S! Starting from £8.00.

I recently discovered Sandra Dieckmann’s illustrations on Etsy and couldn’t resist purchasing one of her creations for my wall. This print cost £10.00 for an A4 size and is available to purchase in her online shop.

The shoes I owned for a day…

I bought these beautiful shoes from Asos.com a couple of weeks back but unfortunately they were too big for me and I couldn’t walk in them at all! So sad to let them go.

The Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook for….




Who would have guessed!? Impressive isn’t it.


Luxury fine bone china exclusively made in England and designed by Karou Parry. Prices vary, at around £20 per cup and saucer. 


Whistles. Spring ‘11.

Super cute embroidery blog with patterns & transfers for sale at great prices!

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